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1-year Genetic Health Guarantee

Elizabeth's Exquisite Angels offers a 1-year Genetic Health Guarantee. Before any deposit is placed on a puppy, the buyer must agree to the terms of this Health Guarantee.  After reading over it carefully, please fill out the contact form below it and check the box, "I Agree". This agreement will be sent to our email. After we receive this email, a deposit can then be placed on a puppy. 
Great care is given to ensure the good health and disposition of each and every puppy produced at Elizabeth’s Exquisite Angels. Each puppy will have had a health examination by a licensed veterinarian, and is current on vaccinations before ever being received by the Buyer.
Therefore, this dog is in good health, to my knowledge, at the time of receipt. Seller will provide a one year guarantee on said dog, from the time of the receipt of the said dog, for only a genetic condition that is sufficiently serious in the written opinion of two qualified veterinarians, at least one of whom is selected by the Seller, and is brought to my attention within 48 hours of examination.  Buyer must send a copy of the veterinarian's report by registered mail within the above 48 hours.  
Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian costs incurred by said dog. Buyer has the option of returning said dog at this time at Buyer's expense and will receive a replacement puppy of same value only, from Seller's next available litter. If dog expires within the one year, Buyer agrees at their expense to have a necropsy performed on said dog and any testing of tissues needed to determine cause of death. If the health problem falls within the health guarantee, Seller agrees to replace said dog with another puppy of same value from the Seller's next available litter, no cash refunds will ever be given.
Buyer agrees to pay all veterinarian costs, testing and return shipping for the said dog.  If any or all of the above conditions are not met, all guarantees are null and void. Buyer agrees not to expose the said dog to any public places or strange dogs until the said dog received the full series of vaccinations required by a veterinarian. Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian costs incurred for said dog. Buyer agrees that said dog will live inside the Buyer's home and will not be housed outside for any length of time. Buyer agrees said dog will be socialized and treated as one of the family. Health Guarantee will be terminated if said dog is abused, neglected or does not have all vaccinations and fecal analysis done in a timely manner.


Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth’s Exquisite Angels
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